Scents surround us, stirs memories, changing our mood in an instant, but also the smell is one of the most important factors that influence the customer before selecting or purchasing a product.

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Grupa proizvoda za čišćenje

  • Powdered detergents (flowery, fresh, perfumed, delicate …)
  • Liquid detergents for dishes (lemon, orange, strawberry, green apple, peach, vanilla …)
  • Softeners (floral, fresh, perfumed, soft ..)
  • Cleaners (lemon, lavender, ocean, pine, perfumed, fresh, flowery …)

Group products for personal hygiene

  • Liquid soaps (fruity, flowery, perfumed, flavored …)
  • Wipes (floral, fragrant, perfumed, powdery, creamy …)
  • Personal care (aromatherapy, fresh scent, herbal scent, scented …)
  • Column (lemon, lavender, baby …)

Group cosmetic products for personal hygiene

  • Personal care (fragrances for hand creams and body, fragrances for hair gel, for sunscreens, fragrances for other cosmetic products ..)
  • Perfumes and deodorants (male, female, unisex, oriental ..)
  • Air fresheners (fruity, flowery, perfumed, fresh …)
  • Massage oils (lavender, rosemary, patchouli, jasmine, aloe vera, lemon, exotic orient, honey, eucalyptus ..)

Group of industrial products

  • Creams for shoes (honey, almond …)
  • Plastic / hygiene bags (strawberry, lemon, orange, vanilla, apple ..)
  • Odor neutralizer (lavender, pear, banana, ocean …)
  • Fragrances for bag storage (apple, lemon, lavender …)
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